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    • Travel preparation

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    • Home preperation

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    • Car preparation

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    • Documents

    • If you have any of these (AAA, Hertz, Avis, Hilton, etc.), going abroad may be a good opportunity to use them.
    • You may need a photo to obtain passes, permits, etc.
    • Can save you some money in Youth Hostels, trains, museums, planes, so get one if you qualify as a student.
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    • Money

    • In case all your money, or all your gear, is lost or stolen.
    • Memorize PIN codes to credit cards so that you can use them with ATM machines to get cash.
    • Where pickpockets are a problem, carry your wallet in your front trousers pocket.
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    • Bags, cases, and packing

    • Use ziplock plastic bags for any items that could leak or possibly break in transit.
    • Clothes: Basics

    • Clothes: Casual

    • Take a pair with pockets - doubles as a swimsuit for men.
    • Clothes: Outerwear

    • Clothes: Dressy

    • Work

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    • Shoes

    • Accessories

    • Toiletries

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    • Health & medications

    • Ask your doctor to provide you with a letter for any prescription medications that you are taking with you. Keep medicine in original containers, if possible.
    • Laundry

    • Electronics & gadgets

    • For international travel: consider unlocking your cell phone SIM card so you can use your phone there (purchase a local SIM in your destination).
    • Food

    • Skittles, Starburst, Smarties, Bite size Chocolate Bars
    • Extras & others

    • Leap pads, movies
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