UDA Camp 2016

Poms camp 2016

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    • Travel preparation

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    • Home preperation

    • A pile of newspapers or a stuffed mailbox tells thieves that you are not at home.
    • One way to help protect your home while away on vacation is to make it seem like the homeowners are currently there. This can be done by setting up timer lights throughout the house. Lights can be placed on timers both indoors and out which will present an at home atmosphere. Those who perpetrate breaking and entering crimes will be less likely to target a home which has lights on and may opt for houses which are dark and obviously no one is home.
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    • Car preparation

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    • Documents

    • You may need a photo to obtain passes, permits, etc.
    • If you have any of these (AAA, Hertz, Avis, Hilton, etc.), going abroad may be a good opportunity to use them.
    • Can save you some money in Youth Hostels, trains, museums, planes, so get one if you qualify as a student.
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    • Money

    • In case all your money, or all your gear, is lost or stolen.
    • Memorize PIN codes to credit cards so that you can use them with ATM machines to get cash.
    • Where pickpockets are a problem, carry your wallet in your front trousers pocket.
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    • Tickets, reservations

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    • Clothes: Basics

    • Nude, lace, uniform
    • Shirts/shorts
    • Sleepwear
    • Uniforms

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    • Shoes

    • Will get AT camp
    • Accessories

    • Toiletries

    • Little and bigger if have
    • Health & medications

    • Laundry

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    • Sleeping gear

    • Electronics & gadgets

    • Food

    • Work

    • Other optional items

    • Camp store, food
    • Makeup

    • Both?
    • Peach, red, nude??
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