FCO Travel Advice for - Libya

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  • The FCO advise against all but essential travel to Tripoli, Zuwara, Az Zawiya, al Khums, Zlitan and Misrata, and to the coastal towns from Ras Lanuf to the Egyptian Border, with the exception of Benghazi. The FCO advise against all travel to all other parts of Libya, including Benghazi.

  • There is a high threat from terrorism including kidnapping. This threat is increased due to a threat of retaliatory attacks following the French intervention in Mali. See Terrorism

  • Avoid any demonstrations or large gatherings of people. If you become aware of any nearby violence you should leave the area immediately.

  • Violent clashes between armed groups are possible across the country, particularly at night.

  • As of 3 March 2013 there is an armed stand-off between protestors and security forces at the Congress building in Tripoli, and there has been small-arms fire.

  • Keep a low profile and try to limit travelling around as much as possible, particularly at night. There is a high threat from crime.

  • If you are entering Libya as a media representative, you should get press accreditation from the Libyan authorities. You must get permission before taking any photographs or interviewing at or near military facilities. If you are entering Libya for work or business, you should get the right visa, or risk deportation. See Entry Requirements.

  • Land border crossing points may close with little or no notice. The road to the Egyptian land border is open but has numerous checkpoints and may be temporarily restricted without notice. Access to the Tunisian land border may also be temporarily restricted without notice. The land borders with Chad, Niger, Sudan and Algeria have been temporarily closed.

  • If you are planning onto travelling to Libya in the near future, you should either register with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office via our LOCATE system or by email tripoliconsular@fco.gov.uk.

  • The British Embassy in Tripoli provides full consular assistance to British nationals and eligible persons by appointment. The British Office in Benghazi has temporarily suspended operations.

  • Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.