FCO Travel Advice for - Guinea

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  • There is a low threat from terrorism. Following French military intervention in Mali, there is a possibility of retaliatory attacks targeting Western interests in the region. Be vigilant. See terrorism

  • There has been rioting and violence in Conakry recently; ten deaths and several hundred injuries have been reported.

  • There is a continuing risk of spontaneous riots and violent demonstrations in Guinea. Monitor local media and avoid large gatherings. See Crime and Political situation

  • The Guinean authorities maintain police and local militia checkpoints across the whole country. Carry identification with you at all times. See Road travel and Local laws and customs

  • Essential supplies, such as fuel, may run low from time to time. See Road Travel

  • Theft at gunpoint is increasingly common, particularly at night. The gold and diamond trade attracts criminal gangs. See Crime

  • Exchanging foreign currency on the street or using unofficial money changers is illegal and can result in military detention. See Money

  • Cholera and malaria are present in Guinea. See Health

  • Due to the small size of the British Embassy in Conakry, only limited emergency consular assistance can be provided. See Consular assistance.

  • Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.
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