FCO Travel Advice for - China

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  • Territorial disputes between China and neighbouring countries have caused high regional tension. There have been a number of anti-Japanese demonstrations in several cities across China. See Political situation

  • The tropical cyclone (typhoon) season in China normally runs from May to November, affecting the southern and eastern coastal regions of China. See Typhoons.

  • Take particular care in Tibet Autonomous Region and Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Don’t attempt to travel to Tibet without the appropriate permits. See Local travel

  • Foreign nationals over the age of 16 must carry their passport at all times. See Local laws and customs

  • You must register your place of residence with the local Public Security Bureau within 24 hours of arrival. See Entry Requirements

  • There is a general threat from terrorism. See Terrorism

  • There are severe penalties in China for drugs-related offences including the death penalty. See Local Laws and Customs.

  • China does not recognise dual nationality. If you hold Chinese nationality, the Chinese authorities may regard you as a Chinese national. See Local Laws and Customs.

  • Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.

  • Over 570,000 British nationals visit mainland China every year. Most visits are trouble free. See Consular assistance statistics
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